B2B Food Catering App

A B2B e-commerce mobile app designed to efficiently connect catering service providers with clients, offering time and cost savings while ensuring a curated selection of high-quality options for diverse events and needs.

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Main Challenges

Securing dependable catering services can be challenging for organizations, particularly in the fast-evolving tech landscape of Saudi Arabia. Recognizing this gap, our client sought to simplify the catering procurement process through a dedicated mobile app. To bring this vision to life, they enlisted Apptech's expertise to develop an application that serves as a bridge between consumers and catering providers, effectively connecting both sides of the market.

Apptech Solution

After conducting thorough market research and identifying key features for an optimal solution, Apptech developed CaterMe, an e-commerce mobile application designed to link organizations in need of catering services with trustworthy providers.
The app enables service providers to showcase a range of offerings, from breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to specialized event management services. Conversely, organizations can effortlessly book these services and complete payments online with just a few clicks, eliminating any logistical hassles.


Service providers have found immense value in this platform, as it not only broadened their reach to a multitude of organizations but also allowed for real-time feedback and rankings via the mobile app. Similarly, customers appreciated the convenience of effortlessly connecting with reliable catering services without extensive research. In essence, CaterMe has successfully forged a trusted bridge between both market sides, resulting in time and cost savings, as well as an uplift in the quality of services delivered to the end user.

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