AI-Based Content Generation

Generating content faster and more efficiently through Contiom, the AI-powered content management tool, which enables the client’s users to upload data, choose templates, and then automatically get articles (or other types of content) based on that data.

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Main Challenges

Our client was grappling with challenges related to data generation and website management. Seeking to streamline content creation, publishing, and other operational tasks, they enlisted Apptech's expertise to craft an automation tool tailored to optimize content output and enhance customer interactions.

Apptech Solution

Our team assessed the project's scope and gathered the client's specifications to engineer the most effective solution. Utilizing a blend of AI and machine learning technologies, Apptech developed Contiom, a multifaceted automation tool designed to streamline the entire content creation and publishing process. With Contiom, users can effortlessly upload data from various sources, tweak configurations to their liking, and then rely on the tool's AI-driven algorithms to generate content—ranging from snippets to full-length articles—based on the provided dataset.
The tool's advanced AI capabilities allow for dynamic content regeneration with each user refresh. The content creation workflow within Contiom is a seamless journey that encompasses data upload, template selection, data processing, and ultimately, automated copy generation.


The Contiom platform has demonstrated its utility across a diverse user base, notably among bloggers and business managers, thanks to its rapid content generation, flexible toolset, and straightforward scheduling options. Leveraging AI and machine learning, Contiom enables users to craft content in mere minutes and set it for automatic publication on their respective platforms. The system also incorporates an extensive lexicon, allowing users to fine-tune their language choices. Moreover, Contiom offers the capability to produce unlimited articles or phrases in multiple languages.

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