SEU Admission Portal

SEU transformed its admissions process across all campuses from days to minutes through an AI-enhanced portal that expanded its capacity to handle more applications while ensuring optimal selection of prospective students.

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Main Challenges

SEU faced the challenge of efficiently organizing the details of a large pool of applicants for admission into various colleges and campuses nationwide, without the burden of time-consuming manual labor. To address this, they enlisted Apptech to develop a specialized platform.

Apptech Solution

Apptech's team meticulously planned the SEU Admission portal, breaking it down into phases to ensure comprehensive coverage for the client and prospective students. This web-based platform serves students, educational authorities, and university administrators. Students can easily register by providing essential details and educational history.
They can also indicate special needs or field experience. Registration is further simplified through integration with Google, LinkedIn, and other social accounts. Once the admission cycle begins, registered students receive notifications outlining the admission criteria for various campuses and degree levels—either Bachelor's or Master's. Their details undergo verification by relevant authorities, with an AI-based system available for administrative cross-checking. This AI functionality significantly expedites the sorting process, ranking students based on grades, experience, and other factors, thereby aiding administrators in selecting the most suitable candidates.


The portal has become a game-changer for SEU, attracting a surge of student interest and dramatically streamlining administrative tasks. What once took days to complete now takes mere minutes. The platform has simplified the complex task of selecting the right candidates and promptly notifying those who didn't make the cut. Taking into consideration the size of SEU, with 10 campuses and a staggering 20,000 available seats, the challenge of sorting through over 100,000 applications is monumental. Using Apptech's AI expertise, the platform not only keeps students informed about admission criteria but also leverages sophisticated algorithms to sift through the sea of applicants. The result? A streamlined, efficient selection process that's completed in the blink of an eye.

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