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SEU gained an efficient and transparent exam management system that autonomously handles seating layouts, invigilator and student selection, as well as class and campus assignments.

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Main Challenges

Our client, SEU, faced significant hurdles in efficiently administering student exams. They sought a streamlined solution to minimize logistical issues such as student seating arrangements, room assignments, and invigilator allocation. To address these challenges, they enlisted Apptech's expertise to develop a specialized exam management system.

Apptech Solution

Apptech engaged in a series of consultations with SEU to thoroughly understand the challenges and define the necessary features for the new system. Initially, Apptech integrated the platform with SEU's internal database to sync data related to students, exams, invigilators, and instructors.
The admin can initiate the exam management process by allocating rooms based on capacity, designating student seating, and assigning invigilators, among other configurable settings to prevent exam-day conflicts. All details are securely managed by the admin. For added accuracy, Apptech incorporated a barcode scanning feature to physically verify student attendance by scanning the barcodes on their ID cards.


The administrative team at SEU found immense value in this exam management portal, as it streamlined the entire process of exam administration. Gone are the days of manual coordination for student and invigilator placements, room assignments, and paper-based planning. Now, all these tasks can be efficiently completed through the platform a day prior to the exams, ensuring both security and fairness.

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