e-Gift Mobile Commerce

A versatile e-commerce mobile app that allows users to send, receive, and redeem gift cards, vouchers, and various promotional offers.

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Main Challenges

Sending gifts online to friends and colleagues presents certain challenges. Consequently, the client reached out to Apptech for a solution that would enable individuals to seamlessly send tangible gifts via their mobile devices, mirroring the ease and efficiency of digital transactions.

Apptech Solution

After an exhaustive analysis of the market's needs, Apptech's team unleashed Bahjah, a user-friendly e-commerce mobile app that redefines the art of gifting for Android and iOS users. It enables the users to select digital gift cards from an array of handpicked retailers and merchants. Recipients are also encouraged to step into the physical world of retail, where they can redeem their digital tokens for tangible, memorable prizes
To complement this mobile solution, our developers also crafted a web-based admin portal, designed to manage the gift cards and optimize the overall process.


Through Bahjah, the realm of digital gifting has been revolutionized, drawing a growing audience who view it as the ultimate solution for hassle-free gifting to friends and loved ones, eliminating the need to traverse countless stores. Beyond time-saving benefits for users, the platform also serves as a lucrative channel for affiliated merchants. Most importantly, in a world cluttered with distractions, Bahjah fosters meaningful connections among individuals, enriching social bonds in a uniquely impactful way.

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