Tawrid B2B Mobile-Commerce

A B2B mobile application crafted to empower wholesale dealers by allowing their clients to oversee orders and monitor shipments directly from their smartphones.

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Main Challenges

Managing wholesale orders is a complex and time-consuming endeavor. Many dealers face challenges in tracking, managing, and fulfilling customer orders efficiently. To address this pressing issue, our client approached Apptech with the aim of eliminating redundant steps and paperwork, thereby enhancing efficiency and accuracy in order processing and delivery to customers.

Apptech Solution

After studying the needs and thoroughly analyzing the situation, Apptech's team developed Tawrid, a B2B mobile app for both Android and iOS, that has significantly enhanced business operations for wholesale dealers and their clients. The app streamlines the order management process by providing a real-time, trusted link between dealers and clients for monitoring orders, setting prices, and managing deliveries.
This eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and minimizes the potential for errors. As a result, the platform has improved both the quality and speed of operations, as users can now view and track all pertinent information conveniently from a single screen.


The platform has attracted numerous wholesale dealers seeking an efficient solution to streamline their operations and enhance customer satisfaction. By facilitating timely and organized deliveries, Tawrid has not only improved operational efficiency but also contributed to increased profitability for these businesses. As a result, the application has successfully modernized the traditional wholesale management process, elevating both the speed and quality of service.

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